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ILInterfacePushButton Class Reference

Inherits ILInterfaceIBox.

Public Member Functions

 ILInterfacePushButton ()
virtual ILNodeType type () const
bool init (ILInterfaceGBox *parent, const char *name, bool waitForResponse=false)
bool setName (const char *name, bool waitForResponse=false)
bool getName (char *name, uint16 size)
bool wasPressed ()
bool wasReleased ()
bool wasClicked ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ILInterfaceIBox
 ILInterfaceIBox ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ILNode
 ILNode ()
virtual ~ILNode ()
uint8 handle () const
ILNodeparent () const
ILNodechildren () const
ILNodenext () const
bool enabled () const
ILNodefindChild (uint8 handle)
ILNodefindChild (ILNode *node, uint8 handle)
ILNodefindSibling (uint8 handle)
ILNodefindSibling (ILNode *node, uint8 handle)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from ILNode
enum  ILNodeType {

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ILInterfacePushButton::ILInterfacePushButton ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual ILNodeType ILInterfacePushButton::type ( ) const

Reimplemented from ILNode.

bool ILInterfacePushButton::init ( ILInterfaceGBox parent,
const char *  name,
bool  waitForResponse = false 
bool ILInterfacePushButton::setName ( const char *  name,
bool  waitForResponse = false 
bool ILInterfacePushButton::getName ( char *  name,
uint16  size 
bool ILInterfacePushButton::wasPressed ( )
bool ILInterfacePushButton::wasReleased ( )
bool ILInterfacePushButton::wasClicked ( )

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