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Hi, I’m Kwabena W. Agyeman, the lead developer of Omnia Creator. I started working on Omnia Creator after realizing that the current set of cross platform, free, and open source tools available for microcontroller programming were not acceptable when it comes to developing complex projects that interact in the real world. For example, building a robot requires writing code to process sensor data and react to that stimuli. The debugging process is inherently data driven and requires graphical tools to help visualize the large quantities of data. Print statements just don’t cut it. Normal people can’t interpret meaningful information from scrolling columns of text. Omnia Creator was born to solve this data visualization problem and gives normal people access to high quality data visualization tools.

However, providing high quality data visualization tools just solves half of the problem. I was tired of programming my projects without the help of the magic of modern text editor tools. So, I built Omnia Creator on top of Qt Creator, a professional C/C++ IDE for Qt programmers that makes the editing experience so much more enjoyable. Features like Rapid Code Navigation, Code Completion, Static Code Checking, and Code Refactoring make it easy to write code and free your mind to think about your tasks at hand.

I hope that Omnia Creator is able to empower students and hobbyists so that they can easily develop the projects they dream of.

About Kwabena W. Agyeman

I started playing with microcontrollers back in high school while working for a company in Miami Florida called Kryogenifex that creates liquid nitrogen emission systems for night clubs. My job was to make their electronic control boxes “smart”. I had to monitor pressure and temperature sensors and control solenoid valves. Kyrogenifex bought a BASIC Stamp II to accomplish the job. I’ll never forget the day I wrote my first program to turn a solenoid valve on and off. The program was simple, just pin control commands and timing delays. But, the effect was magical and I’ve been hooked on playing with microcontrollers ever since.

After the BASIC Stamp II I picked up the Propeller Chip and then the Aruduino in college at Carnegie Mellon University. To get good at programming I wrote a lot of drivers for the Propeller Chip during my freshman and sophomore years for low level things like SPI, I2C, Asynchronous Serial, Servo Control, Quadrature Encoders, and PWM Control and high level things like PS2 Mouse and Keyboard Drivers, VGA Drivers, WAV File Player and Recorder Drivers, and a FAT16/32 Full File System Driver – Index Here. I put all these drivers to work during my junior and senior years in the CMUcam4 – my first invention. I started working on Omnia Creator in my free time after completing the CMUcam4 while perusing my masters degree at Carnegie Mellon University

I now live in Atlanta, a city within a garden, and work for Oracle as an ASIC Hardware Developer. I work on Omnia Creator in my free time. For a more detailed history about me please visit my LinkedIn Page.

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